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Two Week Teams

On the first night of my two week team, I vividly remember walking someone back to their hotel with Brian.

It chucked it down with rain and the sewers in the West End flooded, meaning we were wading through faeces in our flip flops…there really is no warm-up for what happens here in the West End.

I can’t remember much about my two week team, other than a few moments such as that…but I do remember being convinced that God was calling me to commit to Ibiza for longer. Little did I know what had begun during those sweaty, exciting, life changing two weeks in August 2009.

Today is one of those landmark days in the season, where we say goodbye, sending off with celebration, our final two-week team of 2014. Our first short term team arrived on June 1st, and today, with three weeks of the season to go, we say goodbye to the last influx.

We are accompanied by short term teams for fourteen weeks out of the twenty three week season, and needless to say they have a huge impact on the West End, swelling our man power, fuelling the prayer room, bringing different skills, gifts, passions, personalities, along with giving great encouragement and bursts of fresh energy to the long term team. Some arenas would debate the impact of short term missions, and in some cases I would agree; but in our context, short term teams make doing the summer season possible – we need them, and are so grateful for each person who has sacrificed time, money, energy, sleep…to come and be part of the 24-7 Ibiza team for two weeks.

This season 51 people have joined us on short term teams, alongside 19 on long term/ resident team, making a total of 70 people who have been a part of the transient 24-7 Ibiza community in 2014. In some ways it feels like we have been in this season forever – and in other ways, the season has flown by, and I can’t believe I am beginning to think towards planning for next year again.

I am so grateful for all those whom God has sent to join us this year, and a huge well done to all of the two week teams for giving it stacks and accompanying us through the season. And who knows what God may have begun in the lives of those who have come to join us…

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