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I took a pill in Ibiza...

This song by Mike Posner is now quite a big tune, but surprisingly; I haven’t heard it in Ibiza yet. Have you ever heard the original version of this song? Have you ever realized what the song is about?


I feel for Mike Posner; the loneliness and brokenness he is singing about is almost tangible in the original song. The Seeb Remix gives this sad song a good beat, it makes it danceable but it also masks the content and the sadness. Maybe this remix makes the song even more like the real world; the raw content is covered and hidden by good beats. But about my time here in Ibiza: even though I don’t hear this song played here, the topic is very relevant.

Hi, how are you doing?

Where are your friends?

Where do you stay?

Drink some water…


These sentences are often used in the nights when we go out in twos. We walk through the West End with our 24-7 Ibiza hoodies on. While walking we see the faces of the workers from the clubs light up as they greet us. That is one of the wonderful things; finding their friendly faces in the crowd, having a brief chat with them and getting important updates on vulnerable people that passed them in the street.  And these people really are vulnerable. I can confirm that the content of Mike Posner’s song is not made up. It is very real. The (mis)use of alcohol, drugs, or a combination gets people into trouble. It is heartbreaking to see how far beyond their boundaries people go to experience fun (or escape life´s circumstances) and how alone they can be in it.

When I walk through the West End of San Antonio I try to see how people are emotionally, physically or spiritually in need. I’m not superwoman though (what a shame, I would love to be able to fly), so as a team we do our very best to help out. I’m actually happy that I don’t even have to be superwoman. We know that God is with us when we wander through the busy main street or quiet backstreets. And God has way more superpowers than superwoman…by His guidance we often are in the right place at the right time. I’ve played my part in a few situations in the past few nights: taking a guy to a quieter street to sober him up and help him to remember his hotel, waking up a sleeping beauty and keep her awake to walk her to her hotel, get a stag a bit more sobered up and reunited with his friends.  Don’t get me wrong; I don’t think all of this is funny, it´s reality. And on the other hand; it’s not all madness. The stag was in a bad state, but he was being funny and joking around. It was not at all a pain to walk him to his hotel and eventually reunite him with his friends. He was brought back into a safer place and that’s the goal. We actually met him the day after in a sober state and could genuinely wish him all the best for his marriage, awesome! This is all very practical help, but I really love the other part of our work. We get to chat to people. We ask how they are doing, and offer a listening ear in the busy street where everyone else is looking out for themselves. And believe it or not: people are relieved to tell their story. They open up and share personal and tough stuff. The thing is; I believe in a God that knows each person and who is able to help out. By believing this, I can pray for them through faith and I believe that God will help them in His own ways.

After a few hours of chatting, helping and wandering through the streets of the West End and a few hours of prayer in the prayer room, we walk back to our apartment. I fall asleep around 5.30am and wake up around 2.00pm. My whole daily routine has switched. My morning starts around 1.00pm and my day will normally end around 4.00am, but that is not weird on this island…

To be fair, I do understand why people go to Ibiza. It is an amazing island with beautiful beaches, lovely weather, nice clubs and sweet people. It is an island where you can have fun and enjoy yourself. I certainly do! Besides being on the streets at night, I love to hang out in our workers center. I’m getting much better at Fifa and table tennis and I love getting to know more new people. Other days I enjoy a good walk on the island; thanking God for the beauty of it, journaling and drinking some nice fresh juice.

All these experiences do make me think. People are mostly coming to Ibiza to escape the business of life, the stress of work, and complex personal situations. Whilst trying to find rest, fun and distraction at the same time. It’s a way out, a break from life.

Why is it that we so desperately need this break from life? And how do we try to find this rest? I think we all set the bar so high for ourselves that we don’t have the time to stand still and reflect on how we are actually doing, until it’s too late. This is true for me anyway. I wrestle with wanting to succeed in life, thinking I’m not doing or being enough and waring myself out. In the past this has caused an awful lot of stress, failing in my internship and doubting all my qualities. During The Vision Course I was kind of forced to stand still (a lot) and to reflect. I suddenly had a break in life. I could drink a coffee in a coffee shop by myself. I could spend a whole afternoon at home alone with just my thoughts and God. I could cycle around just to think. I am learning to have breaks in life without ‘escaping’ life, and I feel healthier and happier. In the beginning it felt like I was doing nothing, because society taught me that this wasn’t normal. Actually, I did a lot. I thought about how I was really doing, about why I believe in God, just enjoyed a coffee, dreamed about the future and doing this all with Jesus on my side.

When this course is done I need to find a healthy routine in the Netherlands again…what a challenge! Do you guys understand/struggle with this, or is it just me? Do you have any advice? I’d love to hear it!

But for now I’d say:

E A T * S L E E P * P R A Y * R E P E A T


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