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Eat | sleep | pray | repeat

Eat | sleep | pray | repeat.


This was my daily routine during my stay on the island of Ibiza last April. Well known for its nightlife, Ibiza is home to the summer outposts of major European nightclubs attracting many to savour the island’s appeal. I had travelled to the White Island where it hardly ever rains to meet up with the 24-7 Ibiza 2017 Prayer Team. We were on a mission – to pray into the new season of 24-7's work on Ibiza prior to the arrival of those who flock to the Island to imbibe on sunsets, cocktails, music and dance. We were like a pre-emptive spiritual strike force, our weapon of choice being prayer.

I joined a team of seven other pray-ers from across the UK to spend five days on the island praying.  We were hosted by the 24-7 Ibiza full time residential team who facilitated our praying with the back story of 24-7's love for Ibiza – the relationship with the clubs, the DJ’s, the bars, the workers and those who visit the island for their annual escape from all things ordinary. The trance-like music, the excesses of alcohol, the availability of drugs, all add to the clubbing scene that Ibiza is renowned for. It is all but a temporary escape and respite from responsibilities of life - this is where 24-7 flourishes.

We learnt about 24-7 Ibiza's modus operandi – the rhythm of prayer, the rhythm of the nocturnal and diurnal routines of the summer teams ministering to the clubbers. The permanent prayer room in the 24-7 centre being just a step away from San Antonio's infamous West End. So we walked and prayed, we talked and prayed, we worshiped and prayed - sometimes even in Spanish with the local Christians.


We spoke and wrote prophetic words over the island and over the teams of Christians from across the world preparing to travel to Ibiza to serve in short or long term teams over the summer. We called out to the Lord to bring about a harvest this year, to bring about change, to provide alternative work for those who feel stuck due to their circumstances.  We prayed for breakthrough for those who are trapped in a modern form of slavery, for justice and mercy on them. We prayed for painful circumstances to be redeemed and for those who hope and desire a new way of life. We prayed for the Ibiza Church, for unity and a spirit of collaboration between the island’s Christians.

After five days of praying the pre-emptive strike force departed the island, leaving the 24-7 team on the ground in Ibiza ready to receive reinforcements – the long and short term teams were on their way, all with prophetic words yet to be fulfilled on their 2017 tour of duty that is the 24-7 Ibiza West End season.

Through the window of the plane, my last view of Ibiza was through the rain that was falling as we took off, was this a sign I thought of blessings to come? On my flight home to London I pondered on the rhythm of my five days –  the fellowship, the fun, the meals and tapas shared as a team; the passion for Jesus, energy, sacrifice and vision of the 24-7 full time residential team. As I returned to all things normal I resolved to carry on the daily rhythm of eat, sleep, pray, repeat. 


Peter, 2017 Pre-season prayer team


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