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Ibiza, we’ll be back...

If you're considering applying for one of our Short Term Mission Teams this summer, then read Karen's account of what it was like for her and the team:


It was late July 2017 and 8 of us from Belfast arrived into the Ibiza heat to be greeted by Jud and Stephen. It was a first for all of us, but as we walked down the packed main strip on our first night, all we had to do was mention “24-7” and we were welcomed like old friends.

Nights started with prayer and worship, then into an hourly rhythm between the prayer room and the streets. In the prayer room we interceded for the town and individuals, we brought the hard situations we witnessed to God, and we lifted up his name in the midst of a place where so many other things were being worshipped. At times it flowed easily and the presence of God was tangible, at other times it was like waging war (either in the spiritual, or against heavy eyelids at 3am!)

When we went out on the streets we were each paired with one of the long-termers and, basically, we did whatever was needed at the time! If people were lost, we helped them find their way home. If they were unable to walk, we called for the wheelchair or the aptly named ”vomit van”! If they needed someone to talk to, we listened. And, at times, we had the privilege of sharing the gospel, giving out Bibles and praying with people right there on the street. It felt like just trying to love people like Jesus did…and at times, as we knelt on a busy dirty street to help someone, who swiftly vomited on us, we had to remember that Jesus did exactly that for us!

During the days we (firstly, slept!!) had team time, prayer walks and had an opportunity to enjoy some of Ibiza’s beautiful beaches and stunning sunsets. As a team of varying ages, who didn’t know each other well to start with, we bonded as we served together, laughed together, ate together, prayed together, sweated together and got to celebrate what God was doing in and through each of us. Ibiza, we’ll be back!

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