Street Assistance

The night time work is what 24-7 Ibiza are famous for in San Antonio, and it is what embodies what we stand for the most.


Nighttime Assistance

Due to the ongoing pandemic and social distancing restrictions we are not currently offering this service. 


For the entire season our whole team spends time out on the streets of the West End during the night time.

Our teams split into 2, with half of them spending an hour in the prayer room and the other half going out in pairs to spend time in the West End. Every hour the team swaps over, practicing a rhythm of breathing God in, in the prayer room and then breathing him out on the streets.

The main reason our teams are on the streets is that we love to pray with people. We have prayer cards that people can fill in which we take back to the prayer room and pray over. Thousands of people each year respond to these prayer cards. Alternatively we can pray there and then if someone prefers.

We also love to give out "Jesus loves Ibiza" bibles those that want them. We do believe that Jesus loves this Island, so we put it on the cover of the bible!

We then also love to help people. Jesus came down to earth, bent down in the mess that we had made and cleaned us up and helped us home - and that is the example we follow on the streets here in San An.

We find people who may have drunk too much, or taken too man drugs and depending on the person, we assist people back to hotels, apartments and the medical centre in San Antonio. 

Last year alone we took home nearly 800 people who were either lost, drunk, drugged or vulnerable back to a safer place.

To help us to do this we have wheelchairs and a vehicle aptly named 'The Vomit Van'!

It is important to note that we are not a taxi service and do not take any money for our service. Our work operates in the area between someone who the taxis wont take home, to serious medical attention being needed. We help people to a safer place, who otherwise would have been left stranded.

You will see our teams out 6 days a week during May - October.

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